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King and Queen County, Virginia
Formed in 1691, named after King William III and Queen Mary of England.

Visitors to King and Queen County find themselves in a richly-forested landscape interspersed with wide open fields interrupted by the occasional winding road following a creek or stream. Soils are, for the most part, sandy and loamy in the bottomlands and a mix of alluvial deposits and finer clays in higher elevations, giving rise to the magnificent hardwood forests of the pre-colonial era.

Today, many of the hardwoods are gone. In their place grow loblolly or Virginia pines. Timber and timber products dominate the local and regional economy. Large tracts of pinelands rotate in different phases of succession, as demand for pulpwood and other pine products continues to grow. Once harvested, logs are trucked to mills in West Point, the Northern Neck, and points beyond.

The population of King and Queen County has remained fairly constant over the years, due to its history as a land-based economy. It is currently estimated at 6,600 people. Newer generations not tied to land traditions tend to migrate to more urbanized centers or commute to jobs outside of the county.

King and Queen County
County Administrators Office,
P.O. Box 177, King & Queen C.H., VA 23085
Glenn Steckman - County Administrator
Phone # (804) 785-5975 or (804) 769-5000
Fax # (804) 785-5999 or (804) 769-5070
E-mail: gsteckman@kingandqueenco.net

king and queen county sign at the lord delaware bridge

west point virginia - west point guide

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